Asset Tracking Solution

Because Asset Safety is Your Priority

A Comprehensive Tool to Track Assets

We at HIPLA understand the value of assets and the importance of tacking systems to track your assets. Manually, it is critical and time consuming to keep an eye on assets. Why not switch to an advanced Asset Tracking Solution. At HIPLA, we prepare a tracking system that can offer comprehensive services to make asset management easy, fast and secure.

What is Exactly Asset Tracking Solution?

An asset tracking system is an advanced technology that combines desktop software, barcode labels, barcode scanners, and mobile devices to streamline the tracking of assets from acquisition to retirement in a company. The solution can be for a big multinational organization or a small office.

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Think about the scenario we can offer

Smartly Handle Hundreds of Assets

Whether you have a few numbers of assets or multiple, our advanced asset tracking system can handle all efficiently. It is easy to lose track of multiple resources with an outdated tracking tool, but our robust tool offers a comprehensive solution from controlling physical assets both on and off-site.

The asset tracking system of us is flexible to login to a centralized database from anywhere to keep an eye on assets, decreasing the chance of missing and unutilized assets.
With our smart asset management solution, keeping a record of asset value with time and its usability is easy, fast and secures. The smart app uses depreciation method.
Every equipment can work for a specific time. Gradually, its performance starts getting slow. The time comes when it needs replacement. With our asset tracking, you can keep an eye on your IT equipment to increase work efficiency and productivity.
Tracking location of an asset is tricky and critical. The location of an asset may change in the office premises according to its requirements. For example, a printer location can switch to from one table to the other. With our asset tracking solution, it easy to track where the asset is right now, when it is shifted and who is using it.

The networking of Asset Solutions involve

Important Functions of Our Assets Tracking Solution
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    Print barcode labels
  • 2
    Take assets pictures with smartphone
  • 3
    Overdue alert
  • 4
    Capture signature
  • 5
    Getting alert for warranty expiration
  • 6
    Performing physical inventory
  • 7
    Easy management by creating, running, scheduling and sharing reports
Common Asset Tracking Solutions HIPLA Offer
  • 1
    Check out & in
  • 2
    Tool tracking
  • 3
    IT equipment tracking
  • 4
    Office equipment & furniture
  • 5
    Field service equipment tracking
  • 6
    Job site equipment tracking
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