Contact Tracing


With technology on the palm of your hand, manage your rooms better.

In the post-COVID world, contact tracing is no longer an aspirational phrase found in high-tech jargon. It is now an essential service that is crucial for safeguarding economies across industries.

Hipla has used its flagship IOT bandwidth to develop a contact tracing product that is Simple, Affordable and Sustainable.

  • 1
    Real time Contact Tracing for visitors
  • 2
    Track employee and visitor route history throughout building
  • 3
    Analytical dashboards
  • 4
    Auto-scanning of body temperature

Fluid Social-distancing | Contact tracing

We will deliver a customized, effective and elegant solution that assists you in ensuring employee safety.

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Who We Are

With Covid-19, implications upon people-to-people interactions have now been required to reset, with more call to safe distancing and responsible handling of spaces.

We saw this as a calling to redirect our technical and innovative infrastructure to create a solution that will help Organisations ensure safety and social distancing once employees/Students return back to their respective campuses.

We are striving to assist organisations and educational institutions ensure a safe return for their human capital.

Our solution channels the power of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision to create an intuitive, data-driven system that alerts involved key stakeholders upon safe distance breaching, provides daily report on contract tracing, amongst myriad reports and functions.

A contact-tracing and safe distancing solution for office, education and hospital campuses, created with no hardware dependency and technical power to assist you in your journey to establish a strong employee wellness system.

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