We get it! IoT growth is happening

Today, it may seem obvious, or even superfluous to point out the endless possibilities that exist in the IoT industry. These opportunities award business like yours with superpowers that magnify your organization’s abilities through simple and sophisticated tweaks in your hardware and software infrastructure.

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Welcome to a smarter world with Hipla

We lead the IoT solutions sphere in India and Southeast Asia, and enable integrated devices and sensors to work with surgical efficiency with our leading AI architecture. Leading brands experience unprecedented transformations.
To be honest, it’s almost magical.


A system that intelligently manages an entire campus ecosystem 24/7, with no need for human intervention.

Futuristic Revolution

Take control of the market by enabling a competitive advantage that arms you with bound-less power.


Various modules can be implemented as standalone solutions or may be seamlessly integrated to create an end-to-end experience.


Data collected from devices are stored and analyzed, thus providing visual reports for management audit and decision making


Office Management in now Online

The future of the office is contactless. With Hipla, you can create a safe, frictionless process flow for anyone coming through your front door. Have guests and employees sign-in with Hipla Mobile to reduce the spread of germs and keep your team safe, secure and healthy.

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What is Hipla Office?

An all-round support solution that manages every step of critical office processes making them easier to accomplish.

Our IOT Solutions Company has an advanced and modern age solution system for effective automation of various office processes such as management of guest arrivals through entry access and parking management, scheduling and managements of meetings, boardroom automation, employee workspace management, refreshment ordering and much more.

How is Hipla unique ?

Hipla is a solid technology platform you can count on.

Automatic Door Opening

Door Opening On Face Recognition

Multifaceted utilities under one Single platform

Automatic Door opening on QR code scanning

Indoor Navigation within premises

Automated energy management system

Alerts on emergency situations

Automatic Door Opening

Great minds think differently.

Companies of every size, industry, and address rely on Hipla to transform their workplaces.

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Hipla welcomes you to a smart world of integrated devices and sensors. We are a leading IOT Solutions Company in India.

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