Become a Partner

We offer attractive agendas for partners. We are providing exhilarating opportunities for our partners. Together we assure a formidable growth that will be beneficial for your business and our trajectory. So join our ecosystem to become a part of the fastest through brand in network infrastructure. We endorse a hi-end, sophisticated technology platform that is capable of application development entitled for 360° Office Management, Energy Management, Indoor Navigation, Pantry Management, Smart Checkout facilities and much more.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Come and join us at this incredible journey and reap in the benefits of this partnership

  • Complete assortment of personalized solutions, systems and products
  • Sustainable and reliable programs with exclusive access to partner portals information
  • Technical support and demonstration of Hipla platform and expertise, which can be channelized across various platforms and anywhere worldwide
  • Augmented visibility across media and on sales platforms, that includes branding, certifications, training
  • Joint actions and reselling discount activities to improve solutions and expand business markets


Since its initiation, we have built up partnerships with top notch companies who showcase a robust native, national and global reputation and share the interest of development of mobile solutions based on indoor navigation, automation, office process management and much more. We aim at maintaining a geographical stability of corporate partners across the globe, along with wide-ranging variety of industry segments among partners. Following are the criteria for partnering with our brand.

  • The firm should recognize and align with the ideology of Hipla
  • It should be dedicated and informative towards ongoing development of Hipla
  • It should be enthusiastic and able to back Hipla application development processes at various levels, including app development, installation, demonstration and such like
  • It should be prepared to take dynamic part in structuring the sales and marketing process
  • It should have the zest to go an extra mile towards promoting Hipla application across various technical events
  • It should have its perimeter in the global arena
  • It should be identified as a front-runner in its functioning segment
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