Beacon Technology Garnering Fan Experience to a Whole New Level at Stadiums

Beacon Technology has been pioneering across many industries and domains and entertainment segment is currently embracing this new technology innovation. The stadiums are the new arena wherein this technology is setting foot into in a big way, opening up prospects that are pioneering and efficient at the same time. There are certain press points in crowd management within the stadium. However, one of the critical scenario is seat finding for the visitors in an overcrowded stadium. Beacon technology coming to the rescue can be very helpful in this regard and provide accurate assistance to visitors without additional manpower. Another challenge the stadium authorities face is filling up high priced better seats which remain unoccupied. Initially due to high charges, most people tend to neglect such seats while booking. But when the seats start filling up and some of such seats go unoccupied. The authorities can provide special discounts at the end time to sell out those seats to earn revenues. It helps in effective breakeven, in terms of sales.

Apart from these two major opportunities, the beacon technology also provides other advantages of that can be utilized at stadiums.

Channelling the information regarding most crowded locations and gates to the visitors can help in managing the visitor flow in a better way. It also provides convenience for the visitors ensuring easy entrance into the venue within limited time frame reducing unwanted hassle. The stadium authorities can also source out promotions and discount offers on various services available in the venue. It also helps in identifying the regular visitors and offer special discounts which aid in better management of existing customer base.

Lastly, retailing merchandise, specific to the event can be performed with ease and effectivity through beacon technology. It helps in reaching out to the visitors in a better way and through online payment facilities, the entire process becomes comprehensive and quick.

Beacon technology is a versatile innovation that can be customized to fit the need of every industry segment. Entertainment is not exception in this regard. Hence, in coming years it can be expected that this technology will be extensively used at stadiums.

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