Visitor Management

Smart solutions to visitors, saving time and maximizing productivity

Hipla offers a seamless visitor management experience facilitating productivity, enhancing security and keeping you ahead of the competition.

We address pain areas of your guest and you, from end to end, right from appointment booking with the guest to showing the guest out of your office campus. Either of you can access the visitor management system using an app on your phone which interfaces with the VMS. Simple and smooth. With Hipla as your partner, your happy visitor management system is just a click away.

We deliver unprecedented quality and absolute satisfaction

  • 1

    Making good on your & your guest’s time efficiency.

  • 2

    Security for your workplace, make sure only invited guests show up.

  • 3

    A hassle-free experience for the host as well as guest.

  • 4
    Cost saving

    No human intervention means saving on the cost.

How does it benefit you?

You can book a meeting with a visitor, reschedule it, add more people to the meeting, share an agenda, exchange notes, all using one application from your phone. Convenient, isn’t it? It cuts down on multiple phone calls and exchanged emails, to just a few clicks on your phone.
On the day of the meeting, the participants are sent reminders, as well as provided with detailed real time outdoor navigational support. Expected Time of Arrival of each guest is also notified to all participants. There is no lag time wasted in finding one’s way to the venue or keeping others waiting.
From a welcome message on arrival, to parking assistance, the guest is treated to a visitor experience worth cherishing. From unlocking of doors to issuance of guest passes, all are done using a QR code which is sent to the phone. It cuts out on access assistance and security staff support by automating the entry of only authenticated guests to the office campus.
Detailed indoor navigational support is provided to the guest for finding the meeting room. All other public areas of your office campus are within the navigational radius. From finding the restroom to visiting the cafeteria, indoor navigation cuts out on unnecessary asking around by the guest.
The electrical devices of the meeting room get turned on only when the participants arrive, thus saving energy. On vacating the meeting room, the devices are switched off as well. Efficient energy management helps in keeping the bills down, and in the conservation of energy.
From placing orders for refreshments to the pantry to reception and delivery of order by the pantry team, all are managed by VMS via its app interface. Access to the meeting room is provided to the pantry staff for order delivery. This streamlines timely delivery of beverages with minimal manual involvement, thus saving time for the actual business discussion.
A reminder is received by all participants before the meeting is about to end. This facilitates the winding up of the meeting a quick decision making. It ensures that timeliness is maintained at the start and end of a meeting, thus ensuring pointless dragging on of a conversation.
Once the meeting gets over, and you vacate the room, the janitor service is intimated. The cleaning staff arrive, clean the room, and make the workspace spic and span for the next meeting. This cuts out the manual calling to be made to the in-house cleaning service and asking for assistance.

User Interaction Points

User application - Android and iOS
  • 1
    Meeting booking, rescheduling and cancelling
  • 2
    Records of past meetings
  • 3
    Reminders, ETA and geo-fencing.
  • 4
    QR code for access control
  • 5
    Messaging and discussion with other users
Tablet application - Android and iOS
  • 1
    Self-service checkin
  • 2
    QR code scanner
  • 3
    Instant meeting
  • 4
    Roomwise scheduled meeting list
  • 5
    Door control
  • 6
    Electrical appliance control
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