The rising popularity of international schools and how to effectively safeguard them

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The number of English-medium international schools worldwide is increasing rapidly, with over 13,000 such schools currently in operation. These schools boast an impressive enrollment of 5.8 million students and employ over 500,000 teaching staff, indicating the significant growth of international education. As the number of international schools continues to rise, it is essential to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to safeguard students and staff.

Technology has brought unprecedented convenience and ease to various aspects of modern life. From remote collaboration to online shopping, digital disruption has transformed industries across the board. The education sector is no exception, with a growing need for advanced systems to improve safety and security for students and staff. To this end, educational institutions are increasingly turning to visitor management systems (VMS) to replace traditional pen-and-paper visitor logs. With Hipla parental check-in now taking school safeguarding measures into account, these digital solutions provide a user-friendly experience for visitors while addressing the critical need for better-safeguarding processes.

But are these systems truly worth the investment? Let's explore the key advantages of adopting a visitor management system for schools:

1. Resource:

Hipla parents' check-in software for schools can be a game changer when it comes to resource management in a busy school environment. With such a modern solution in place, staff no longer need to manually monitor the entry and exit times of parents and visitors. Instead, the parental check-in allows visitors and parents to sign in and out on their own, without the need for intervention from staff. The system can even be programmed to automatically take a picture of visitors, print an ID badge, and improve visitor recognition. This frees up valuable time for reception staff, allowing them to focus on other important tasks while the Visitor management software handles the more tedious responsibilities.

Smart work solutions automate the system which can also help schools to save money by reducing the need for additional staff to manage visitors. By eliminating the need for manual data entry and other time-consuming tasks, schools can streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency. In addition, the Visitor management system can help to reduce the risk of errors, such as misspelled names or incorrect entry and exit times.

Moreover, workplace solutions can greatly improve the safety and security of a school. By automatically capturing important data, such as visitor identification and sign-in and sign-out times, schools can more effectively monitor who is on their premises and when. This can help to prevent unwanted and potentially dangerous individuals from gaining access to the school, while also ensuring that students are accounted for at all times.

2. Ease of use:

Touchless visitor management solutions are gaining popularity due to the widespread use of smartphones and portable tablets. The software is easy to use and provides an enhanced user experience while reducing the need for staff intervention in the processing of contractors and visitors. This eliminates the possibility of human errors that are common with traditional paper-based processes. Accurate visitor data is crucial in emergency situations such as fire evacuations, where inaccurate records can have serious consequences. With touchless visitor management solutions, these errors can be avoided, ensuring that the safety of students and staff is not compromised.

3. Maintenance:

A major advantage of using a school parents check-in is the elimination of the need for staff to maintain multiple record books for tracking the entry and exit times of students, staff, or visitors. With a visitor management system, schools can access real-time data and reports from mobile devices, making it easier for them to manage visitors on the go. This eliminates the need for costly visitor books and reception stationery, which can save schools a significant amount of money in the long run. Additionally, the use of a visitor management system helps to reduce paper waste, which is an important step towards creating a more sustainable environment.

4. Access control:

By implementing a visitor management system, schools can improve their access control measures. The system enables the school to define terms and conditions of access, limiting entry to certain areas of the building to only those individuals who possess the appropriate safety certificates. The system hardware allows staff to sign in and out instantly using their existing door access cards. This streamline building access sign-in into one automated process, saving time and increasing security. As a result, the school can present a more professional and secure environment to visitors and students alike.


It is crucial for educational institutions to prioritize the safety and security of their students and staff. The use of advanced Hipla visitor management systems is one effective solution to safeguard schools by improving access control, reducing the workload of staff, and providing real-time data and reports. Touch screen visitor management solutions also improve the user experience and limit human errors.